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Top 10 Ways spot Dishonesty



Just published on Amazon Kindle. eGuide to help you discover the true motives of  others.Top 10 Ways to Spot Dishonesty

Screening for Integrity & Dishonesty

Graph of Honesty vs. Dishonesty

It is possible to score a handwriting and find out relative risk for integrity issues. This is wonderful for business applications, when comparing applicants. While one can’t predict whether someone will commit things such as fraud, it is possible to ascertain level of risk. This method allows for comparison of candidates level of risk.

Balance in Body & Mind

Balance in Body & Mind

To find out how balanced you are, between body/mind/spirit, or thinking/saying/doing, or id/ego/supergo please order a Phi Assessment – now known as iGraph5. Find out where your psyche’s energy is going, see if it is in balance. If not, find out exactly what you might need to do.

Zones in Handwriting

The three zones of writing, upper middle, and lower give information on intellectual, emotional, and instinctual aspects of our lives.

To find out whether, or not, you are living a balanced, optimal life, order an iGraph5, which includes a PHI assessment.